Dipl. Ing. (FH) Technische Hochschule Nürnberg in 1980
Mechanical Engineer

Worked with Siemens for 35 years:
1980: Started in the Nuclear Power Plant Division of Siemens; Design and Construction of components; project engineer, quality asurement.

1983: Siemens AG UB-Med Erlangen, Design and Construction of components for Detection Systems for Computertomographie Systems Basics and Innovation for new methods and materials, Introduction of Xenon Detection System for CT Scanner.

1989: Senior Engineer, Siemens Medical Laboratories, USA, Design and Construction of components for Linear Accelerators. New Collimator system for Linear Accelerators Introduction of the new Lower Defining Head with enlarged field size including observation of the first installed sites.

1991: Senior Engineer, Siemens Medical, Erlangen, Design and Construction of new Collimation Systems for CT-Scanner Team lead for Introduction of AutoCAD at Siemens Medical.

1994: Senior Engineer, Joint Venture MED-Imatron, Design and Construction of mechanics for new Ultrafast-CT-Scanner in South San Francisco, USA, Production Transfer of Gantry from USA to Germany.

1995: Senior Engineer, Siemens Medical, Forchheim, Responsible for introduction of I-DEAS at CT in Forchheim. Including necessary infrastructure like Hardware, Periphery and LAN-Speed improvement. Siemens Medical, Forchheim, I-DEAS Power User for CT, Simulation of parts, assembly and factory.

1998: Projectmanager Simulator for Radiotherapy Kemnath, Innovation and Productdefinition. Offer process and interface to OCS in Concord.

2000: Projectmanager Uroskop Kemnath: Siemens AG Medical, Kemnath Design D2 to Production Release D4 of Uroskop U04. First installation in Heilbronn and Product introduction in Los Angeles at Fair.

2004: Projectmanager Kemnath for  CT-Tables: Responsible for all project management issues like cost, planning and quality asurement as well as documentation acc. to process. Offer for new tables and project setup for new top line table as well as design to production in 2006.

2006: Projectmanager Kemnath for CT-Multipurpose table. Extended to 300kg patient load and exchangeable board for therapy.

2009: Resident Engineer & Senior Expert in SSME Shanghai: Enable and lead teams in terms of product and documentation

2010: Project Lead & Senior Expert for bi-lateral CT-table project:
Design of new table for low & mid market CT-Systems. Coordination of all activities between Germany and China.

2011: Project lead for C-Arms Erlangen
Design a new family of C-Arms for the surgery division. From project start to release to production.

2014 & 2015: Project support for Mammography systems Erlangen:
Improve mechanical design and update for new functions as well as qualify a Chinese Mammography stand together with proper documentation for production release.

Career Highlights

  • Project Engineer for 3 year in Concord, CA
  • Project Engineer for 1 year in San Francisco, CA
  • Senior Expert for 1 year Shanghai
  • Bilateral Project manager for China and German team


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